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Get Help From Our Experts
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  • Private & Personalized Service
  • Super Fast Closings

Reverse Mortgage Options

Top Reverse Mortgage Companies: This Week' s Reviews
23101 Moulton Parkway
Suite 201
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Customer Service: (949) 335-5119
Services Offered: Purchased Home Mortgages, Refinance Mortgages, Reverse Mortgages

Company Overview: matches your needs with top lenders to get you the best terms with the least amount of hassle and frustration.

Our Review: Here is how it works. Instead of you contacting dozens of companies on your own, matches you with the right lenders for your situation. First, you tell them the type of loan you need (Purchase Mortgage, Refinance, Reverse Mortgage) and the type of property you need the loan for (Single Family Home, Multi-Family Unit, Condo, or Townhouse). The last piece of information is what stage of the process you are in. That could be determining how much you qualify to borrow, getting prequalified for a loan, or if you have already picked out the house you want and you now wish to compare loan options.

The next stage will ask you additional questions based on your answers above to narrow the recommended lenders which will offer you the best terms possible.

The last stage is supplying your contact information and submit the information to them. Once they receive it they will then release it to the matched lenders or real estate agents to help you through the current stage of the process you are currently in.

User Review: My husband and I were trying to get a house and we first went to our bank, and the process was taking so long, so we contacted a national lender we saw on a commercial, and had the same experience. We found in a Google search on a Sunday afternoon, and on Monday we had three lenders contact us and after researching them, we chose one later that afternoon and closed three weeks later. We would have never found the lender on our own. We would definitely use them again.

AARP Reverse Mortgages
Former Services Offered: Reverse Mortgage

Company Overview: AARP has over 39 million members, and is the leading nonprofit membership organization for senior citizens in the U.S. They were founded in 1958 to provide private health insurance to older Americans, which was a new concept. AARP began as the National Retired Teacher's Association, but changed its name a few times throughout the years, eventually becoming AARP.

Our Review: For anyone over the age of 50, AARP is a great company for discounts, as well as insurance and other financial services. While they aren't offering reverse mortgages any longer at this time, they are highly recommended to get a membership for the access to services you might otherwise not be able to get. The company works by offering a membership, and for those who join, lower rates on all sorts of financial needs. They're a great company, and they've got the foundation to give you the best in the business.

User Review: I've been an AARP member for more than ten years now. Signing up was the best thing I ever did. I save tons of money on health insurance, and get great financial services at a fraction of the cost of other companies. I'd definitely recommend AARP's reverse mortgage program to anyone, it's a life saver!

Live Well Financial
830 E. Main St. Suite 1000 Richmond, VA 23219
Services Offered: Reverse Mortgage, Other Financial Services for seniors

Company Overview: Live Well Financial serves the needs of senior citizens age 62 and older. They offer reverse mortgages along with additional financial needs. They have more than 30 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Our Review: This web site is very informative and helpful. They explain themselves well, and offer up customer service information immediately. Although they have some great information and programs, however, some of their sections seem a little too brief.

User Review: I needed a reverse mortgage to pay off some bills, and not only did Live Well Financial give me that, they gave me a new attitude about banks and loan companies. They were very friendly, and tried to make my transaction as smooth as it could be.

Wells Fargo
PO Box 10335
Des Moines, IA 50306
Services Offered: Reverse Mortgage, Home Mortgage, Agricultural Loans, Personal Banking

Company Overview: Wells Fargo was established more than 150 years ago. Currently, they hold more than $500 billion in assets, and have 158,000 employees. They have also been ranked as one of the top mortgage companies by many different financial magazines
Our Review: Wells Fargo has fallen down the ranks lately with the fraud being reported. We do not recommend Wells Fargo at this time until they get their internal problems handled.

User Review: Wells Fargo made my reverse mortgage loan process simpler and faster than any other loan company I've ever worked with. They were helpful, informative, and knew what they were doing.

Financial Freedom Senior Funding
1 Banting
Irvine, CA 92618
Services Offered: Reverse Mortgage

Company Overview: Financial Freedom was established to provide simplicity to consumer lending and reverse mortgage. They offer a variety of programs for all consumers needs. They service all of the loans they sell personally. Financial Freedom was founded in the 1980's.

Our Review: This company specializes in reverse mortgages for seniors. Their service will probably be a little better, simply due to the fact that they only sell reverse mortgages, not any other financial products, so they can better focus on their customers and their needs.

User Review: Financial Freedom did exactly what they said they would. They were friendly, informative, and helped me to get the reverse mortgage I needed, with no questions or stipulations. Thanks Financial Freedom!

Other Top Companies for Reverse Mortgage :

Golden Gateway Financial
Address : 484 9th Street Oakland, CA 94607
Phone : 1-800-466-6394

Fannie Mae
Address : 3900 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20016-2892
Phone : 202-752-7000

American Reverse Mortgage
Address :605 SW First Avenue Ocala, Florida 34471-0982
Phone : 888-370-6620

Reverse Mortgage Nation
Address : 3301 Boston Street Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone : 888-973-8377

How To Select The Best Company For Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage can be a great tool for consumers who need money fast and can't afford to take out a loan. A reverse mortgage is a loan that you take out against the value of your home, that doesn't require payback as long as you are living in your home. Choosing the right reverse mortgage company for your needs doesn't have to be a complicated process, either. First of all, it will be in your best interest to obtain a copy of your credit report for your own personal knowledge. This way you can be sure you're not getting ripped off with your reverse mortgage rate. If you are already aware of your credit situation, then this step may not be necessary. It just helps to be aware. Another thing to consider is how much you need to borrow. Reverse mortgages are available to all consumers, and in any amount, depending on how much your home is actually worth. For example, if you have a $150,000 home, you won't be able to borrow more than that. A good way to ensure that your house is worth enough to cover the cost of your loan is to get an appraisal. An appraisal will give you an accurate value for your home. When you finally get down to it and begin searching for the right reverse mortgage company, all you need to do is research the different companies available, and see which one is able to give you the best reverse mortgage. You may also need to verify the validity and usefulness of the company, because in today's e-commerce society, there are always people who try to rip others off by pretending to offer a legitimate service to unknowing consumers. Once you've found the various companies you want to consider, it's simply a matter of filling out loan applications and choosing the best reverse mortgage for your needs. Finding the right reverse mortgage, or any type of mortgage, just takes a little knowledge and a little time.